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The Johnny Rice Surf Team
Miranda Pitts-Guzman
Miranda is a Team Rider and Captain of the Johnny Rice Surf Team. One of her many credits is that she was the 1st place winner in the ROXY-QUIKSILVER Surf Contest (women's division) held in Capitola, CA. Miranda is now a mother of two young girls. The older is in the water and is in the Santa Cruz Junior Lifeguard and surfs as much as she can. The younger is three years old (in 2008) and is currently too young to get started surfing – but give her time and I'm sure she'll excel like her mom and sister! At this stage in her life, Miranda has been too busy raising the two girls to compete. However, she does go out to The Lane and still has the great style and smoothness that has set her apart since she was a teenager.
Nathan "Nate" Pierce
Team Rider Nate Pierce is a great surfer – considering that he has no fingers! His dad is a great influence on him and has always said to him that "YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU WANT. JUST DO IT!" Besides surfing as much as he can, Nate also does a lot of work with the clean water act and volunteers for the people in Haiti. Nate lives in Pacific Grove, which is just up the coast from Santa Cruz.
Rosemari Reimers Rice
To read about Rosemari, check out the Women Legends page.
Alli Russell
This is their niece, Alli Russell (the daughter of Rosemari's brother.) Alli has always been competitive in the water, but she decided to go onto to college at UC Irvine. There she is also one of the top water polo players in the conference. She loves to surf and compete, but she probably will become a water polo coach after graduating.
Charles Reimers and Maria Reimers
Charles is Rosemari and Johnny's eldest son. Here is a shot of him surfing in Costa Rica. Charles is the owner of an advertising company, called Crew Creative Advertising, in Los Angeles, CA. When he's not in the office, Charles can definitely be found in the water – whether it's in places like Costa Rica, Mexico or Malibu.

Maria is Charles' wife (and Rosemari and Johnny's daughter-in-law.) She is originally from Germany and never surfed until she had met Charles. However, Maria is the type that likes to experience a sport rather than listen what people are talking about. So after hearing so much about the thrills and beauty of surfing, she got in the water and never looked back!
Carina "Nina" Reimers and Jonathan "Jonah" Reimers
Nina is Charles and Maria's daughter (and Rosemari and Johnny's grand daughter.) This is a picture of her surfing in Costa Rica at the age of 10. We think she is doing great. Keep it up!

Jonah is Charles and Maria's son (and Rosemari and Johnny's grand son.) The first picture is of him in Mexico at age seven just learning how to surf. The second picture is of him a year later at age eight. What a difference a year makes!
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